Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's not paranoia if it's true!

I am grateful for this time of fasting. I was challenged and pray that I was obedient in accepting the fast command from God to disconnect from social media for 3 days. Today I shared with a friend that in my time of meditation I get irritated and frustrated because there is a constant flow that I can not completely capture at times. For example, during my commute to work, I often have the voice recorder on in one hand and a wtitting tablet in the other hand because I am getting a download from the Lord! My brain is constantly running! This I am grateful for, but as I mentioned sometimes it can be overwhelming. There have been times during this season that I will declare that I am over stimulated, as evidenced by being paralyzed and unable to make choices as I have so many possibilities.

Diring this fast, I have been allowed to put a plug in 1 end of my pipeline and save some of the inspiration for myself. I have become my own cheerleader, encourager, and innovator. I was encouraged and recieved insight as to how to make myself better and better Steward over my resources.

So the blog post's title, "it's not paranoia  if its true" was given as an inspiration today from a coworker. The truth is that I have learned today is it I'm not paranoid, I am a useful and overstimulated vessel! I create avenues to express myself and the gifts that I have because I would seriously die or burst if I did not!

Today I challenged myself and I challenge you to rest occasionally. Allow yourself to be nurtured, and use "no" more often.

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