Sunday, September 30, 2012

Reality blog

What happens when reality is waiting in the car for you to return from your worship services? Do your notes just self-destruct? Does your worship evaporate into the heavenlies with only foggy remnants remaining? It seems like reality is waiting, its foot holding the door ajar, in confidence of its spiritual amnesia symptomatic abilities.

We already know that His Word Promises that the enemy comes immediately to steal our seed (Matt 13:19)! Maybe the connection of hearing and fully receiving its truth is tested in the times. Just like a child tests limits, reality is testing your faith. Reality knows who has the up per hand, but will make all attempts to capture your thoughts and minimize the Power of the Word.

Reality can be changed. Yours is waiting to be changed!
The earth has to obey what we believe about ourselves. What do u believe? #NuYou

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Staying calm tips

So, my coworker comes in and says, Shauna, I pray and all that stuff too! How is it that you are able to be so even keeled and calm all the time. So here is a little list of a response to this question.
Positive affirmations
Constant awareness and control of atmosphere to include body scanning
Accountability partners
Focus on goals and good
Music and prayer/release
"I love my energy enough to control where its spent"
Support system and PLAN C and D (prevention)
Stress management gifts of hope (give me something to look forward to)
Meditation time