Monday, February 4, 2013

I want to be Gale!

Whenever in a group setting and the "who would you be?" Ice breaker is presented... You know the one.  I am asked who what I like to be if I could be anyone in the world, dead or alive? I always pick Gale! Who is Gale? That is Oprah's best friend. Of course, then I am questionned as to why I chose her. My reason is simple. I want to achieve as much as possible in life without all the hard work. She is blessed by association. There are many examples of being blessed by association in the Bible. So I'm not being selfish and making this request. I am a hard worker! I carry the weight of many. I do work for what I have and will achieve in my future. But there are times where I would like to receive things just because I know people. Because I have networked. Those seeds of perseverance. Because the favor of God is seen on my life.

Today I am asking for blessings beyond the sweat off my brow. Enlarge my territory, bless me indeed!

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