Monday, May 2, 2011

Staging for the Blessing

Everything in me feels like He's about to open those floodgates. Leads me to ask myself "Is my faith creating a move-in ready situation for my blessing"? Have I prepared, in faith and with faith, so that my blessing is able to fit right in without struggle?

I think about houses and apartments. How the realtor or renter stages the rooms to help you, the owner, visualize the potential of the room. They have so much faith in the room and your approval of its usage, that they, in advance place furniture in there, in expectation. They add color and pictures. They even add a sofa and an end table. All in expectation of the right guest, the guest with the qualified eye to move in.

I am convinced that a believer must follow the same actions. If I believe God for a better job, am I staging my career so that the right blessing (business opportunity, employer, etc) will see my preparation, experience and potential when viewing my solicitation? If I believe God for a healthy family, am I having wholesome conversation and providing the true needs of my kids? If I believe God for more, do I walk around looking like less?

I can admittedly answer my initial question in the negative. I have not fully staged my room to receive my blessings. I have reluctantly dusted and carelessly vacuumed. I have minimized prophesy and compliments. I will box up baggage and donate it, only to buy more junk to take up space. I must give my staging full force faith efforts. I HAVE to wait to receive the right owner and not accept any old blessing "in the meantime".

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