Thursday, January 20, 2011

Unintentional Seduction

My apologies that my style is too much to digest. Maybe its my confidence or the abundance of self worth seaping out of my caramel pours. I meant to warn you, but charm is in my blood. Its all natural and harmless. This pearl is too valuable to be exposed to and not want in your possession.


  1. We walked into a room together and all the men flenched. He said that i have the "WOW' factor. Will I always cause that typa response. I said YES.

  2. His kiss is like a match. With the first strike come spark. I love his lips. Soft to touch, seductive and communicative. I hear his thoughts, I hear what he is saying to me with those lips. The second stike, i laugh internally. There is smoke with this kiss. he holds my face with one hand and that hand drifts to caress the back of my neck. He couldnt hold me in any better way right now. And then, you guessed it...FIRE!!! WHO TOLD HIM THAT THIS IS HOW I LIKE TO KISS!!! omg, i hear you.

  3. The good Word still says he that finds a good wife…not she that interviews and seeks out a good husband. Many women struggle with the balance of follow up, being appealing and marketable vs seeming seductive or appearing desperate. As the song says “Ima do me”… and he will find me too.