Friday, January 28, 2011


I thought if I avoided you, Talked to you less, thought of you less, that my heart would beat less for you, wouldn't be pressed for you, or crave to be next to you. But it does, when I don't and it can, but I won't. I gotta stop looking to love on you.


  1. I gotta stop looking to love on you longing for you desiring you, your touch, your smell, breath I breath, I breath.

    to feel your breath, on my neck, and i feel you inhaling my scent. it pleases you, just like i do. I want you all over again.

    Lying in the moment wondering, yet trying to capture imagery of this, this that drives my inners to gravitate, levitate, quake.

    I quake awake and fall to sleep in ur arms. Oh those arms. They belong around me. Holding me, helping me, turning me. Over. And over again. And them somehow I'm on top again. Top that again! Cuz last time was the last time, again.

  2. What to do
    With this attraction to you
    Im so interested in learning more

  3. Seems almost wrong to enjoy life as much as i do around you. Should i really be laughing and smiling so much? Should the concerns of life seem so minimized when in your presence? Seems almost wrong to enjoy life as much as i do. I shake my head as if I'm undeserving, but I'm not.