Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Don't talk, just listen...

Why won't you let me respond? Well, I will.

No divided pie, ive made my decision. I will just have to press on. Can’t force someone to face a hopeful place. This is hard to force this space. Everytime I make room for you. You shut the door in my face. Its ok to say it, ok to feel it, but I prolly am too much for you. So do you really want me happy? Or maybe you are pushing me to happiness. Come to find out it was me dragging my feet the whole time. Well, let me help you, disconnect to, the ever evolving woman of your dreams.
My mama says after all this time, she thought she'd get to meet you. to see just who was making her daughter smile. My daddy wouldve loved you, you wouldve matched his style. And the rest of the crew, you know how we do. they would have taken you in. Well, its a "never mind", I told them never mind, Cause Im not walking that patch again.

I walk away, giving honor to patient passivity, unexercised hope and blurry dreams.

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