Monday, February 27, 2012

Act without notice

This morning, I read that authenic leaders know who they are, know what they believe in and valuw, and act on those values and beliefs openly and candidly.

This is in the same season in which I have decided that I will continue to "Act without notice". As I am confident in decisions being made to better myself, to ensure positive attraction, to manage the atmosphere of my kids, I have desired a perfected behavior in mature positioning. I have no apologies for my maturity. When I have reached a decision, I will promptly act accordingly. Power is lost when we feel guilty, so guilty that we have to make explanations for our decisions. I choose to not acknowledge a need to explain.. I just do...and act without notice.

If you see a change in me and feel that you are deserving to have an explanation, please know that you may not get one.  I do and act accordingly.

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