Monday, July 4, 2011

Help, I'm being chased!

Yet another dream that i was being chased. this time, i was on a boat...same theme as say, the Titanic. But this boat was slowly filling with water and sinking. a group of people were with me, but ultimately, as we went from side to side of each level of the boat, i was leading. i recall addressing others, different people on different levels of the boat, that were pessimistic. I remember gut checking a dude that kept saying "we are going to never make it". Some levels on opposite sides may have already filled with water, but i strategically avoided it and successfully made it to the next level.

My interpretation is actually quite simple. Being that I prayed yesterday during worship that God show me what i was anxious about to result in continual dreams with this "chasing" theme. In this dream, I conclude that the sinking ship represented "time". I with feel like im running out of time, or my time is limited. Im making quick, yet educated decisions that are actually good ones. even in tragic situations, ppl count on me and trust my direction. i have very little to zero tolerance to negative self talk and pessimism, although it follows me wherever it goes. All the more when it is verbally expressed though.

In all of my dreams, i never reach my destination or safety, but throughout the dream, i am hopeful.
Last night i wrote the question, what is the difference between active faith and premature ambition. I would say there is a fine line, that i must be prayerful that i am able to balance.

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