Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Its Yours as long as you believe

How is today different from any other?

God asked me to think “How did Rachel feel”? At first I started thinking of things I have been torn about (selfish me), and he said no, not Jacob, Rachel. (Gen 29:10-35) I had to consider that this morning! Was her blessing worth waiting for even though she saw and witnessed the struggles as her blessing was making its way to her! Did she lose faith and stop believing that God was going to deliver? Rachel witnessed her blessing being used, manipulated and torn. Maybe at some point she could’ve ended the struggle herself! She could have taken power into her own hands and said, “you know what? I don’t want you to hurt any more and myself either! I don’t want to be a player in this game, I resign”. And not as a prideful move, but we all know that we will use whatever little power we have to “fix” things. We have all thought, if I change my mind, then the promise is invalid and void.

Thank you Lord because this is a great example of trusting you and not becoming a powerless controller over how/when etc I receive my blessing.

“God has given us the deed before he has delivered the property”. Don’t make excuses for what you already possess.

I envision army style…the blessing in battle, hands and knees crawling on its way to us… FIGHTING for its rightful position. All we have to do is pray for its delivery, position ourselves to receive it and BELIEVE!!!!

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